Litt engels i dag ;)

today I thought to write in English :) hihi
yes and it's raining outside: (but but August 16 is not so very long to: (:) and since it came with a sad smiley is because we must take plane: (!but I know you it goes well :)! yes but we are not here to talk about our trip Crete: P hmm. and now I eat hot sandwiches :)
And I hope you understand what it says here;) I hope this will be good;) aha.

so is it that some out now: (?
I am good at English or? : P have you heard my favorite song? or that I think is nice: P
for can post it if you want :) do what I! :)

The O'Neill Brothers: Titanic - My Heart Will Go On here it is :) do you like it?

Bye: (:) :) blogged <3 <3!

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11, Nordre Land

Hei<3 n har du tilfeldigvis kmmi til bloggen min :). ja litt om meg:P ELSKER dyr! Har 1 bestevenn, mange venner, en god kjreste! verdens beste! og s er jeg 11 r :) bor i et lite sted som heter torpa stortrives her :) elsker stelle siden vennene mine er her:)<3 ja det var da litt om meg:) les bloggen i stella for dere :P :)